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PinkSari Inc., is a charitable effort to promote a dialogue for global breast cancer prevention, especially in South Asia and among South Asian-Americans.

PinkSari, Inc., is an independent non-profit organization (FEIN: 27-5479480; 501(c)(3) status pending) founded and incorporated in Massachusetts in March 2011. Our global projects are dedicated towards raising awareness, improving our understanding of risk factors, catalyzing breast cancer prevention, early detection strategies, and access to treatment focusing on women in South Asia.


To prevent breast cancer in South Asia, we need to raise awareness regarding the association of physical inactivity and obesity with increasing breast cancer risk. In addition, further resources are needed to increase access to breast cancer screening and treatment in South Asia.

PinkSari, Inc.’s specific goals for 2011-2012 are:
1) To develop online educational resource on breast cancer prevention in South Asia
2) To raise awareness in the US and in South Asia on the global burden of breast cancer and breast cancer prevention strategies
      a.    Pilates for Prevention Campaign (June 11, 2011, Boston, MA)
3) To raise awareness for breast cancer prevention in India
      a.    To provide free mammograms for women on World Breast Cancer Day in October 2011 in Surat, India
      b.    To provide access to treatment for women with a subsequent diagnosis of breast cancer at Bharat Cancer Hospital
PinkSari, Inc., welcomes contributions from all concerned with the global burden of cancer, women and health.

Board of Directors and PinkSari Team:

All Board members are unpaid for their directorship.

Aditi Hazra – Founder and President

Aditi is a breast cancer scientist and with training in cancer biology, breast cancer genetics and epidemiology.

Sue Pifer – Vice President and Treasurer

Sue is an entrepreneur with expertise in accounting, sales, management, marketing and customer service. She will oversee PinkSari’s accounting and fundraising activities.

Jay Pifer – Webmaster

Jay is an entrepreneur with expertise in sales, management, marketing, customer service and web design.

PinkSari, Inc., welcomes contributions from all concerned with the global burden of cancer, women and health.